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Regal Gas | Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.


My house electric has gone off, what do I do?
  1. First turn of all electrical devices/lights in the room(s) the electricity has gone.
  2. Then find the “breaker box” – sometimes it may be located outside of the premises.
  3. You will see a bunch of switches – check if any of them are in the “off” position or “midway”.
  4. Turn them all to the off position, then back to the on position (like a wall switch)
  5. Wait roughly 20 seconds, the switches should remain in the on position – then you can switch on the electrical devices!
Why is a power-flush needed?

A power flush is recommended every so often. It enables the boiler to work more efficiently by unblocking pipes, reducing noises from the boiler, providing hot water without fluctuations of cold water and ensuring radiators are heating up. Most importantly, it will save you money on your bills as it helps heat the house up quicker – thus, less costly!

How much do you charge?

We charge £65 (+vat) + parts required for boiler service for the first hour, If the job is likely to take longer – a price can be negotiated. We also give promotional vouchers of up to 20% off on your next job if you refer us to a friend!

What temp should room thermostat be set on?

21 Degrees is the ideal temperature for a room. Using the thermostat correctly can also save on fuel bills!

Should I have a carbon monoxide detector fitted?
I always recommend a carbon monoxide detector should be fitted. Carbon monoxide is known as a “silent killer”. Please ask for more information regarding carbon monoxide and how to stay safe.
What should my boiler pressure be on?
The boiler pressure should be set at 1-1.2 bar.
What do I do if I smell gas?
  • If you smell gas, you must turn off ALL naked flames such as candles, gas cookers and other visible naked flames.
  • Then you must ventilate your property by opening windows/doors.
  • Electrical switches must NOT be turned on or off for safety reasons.
  • If possible, the gas metre should be turned off.
  • Call gas transporter on 0800 111 999  0800 111 999.
  • If you continue to smell gas, leave the property until you are told to re-enter once the premises is safe by a registered engineer.
Should boilers be serviced every year?
  • Yes, this should be carried out to ensure your boiler is operating safely.
  • Furthermore, some insurance companies may ask for maintenance records of your boiler if in case a dangerous gas leak (God forbid) damages your property or well being.