Conserving your Energy
RG&ES has a comprehensive infrastructure of allowing their systems to be fully customised as standard. Simply put, you can choose or be given expert advice on which Equipment or set-up will allow for most efficiency in your home or Business.

Reduce your Costs
The latest highly-specialised equipment fitted with auto-efficient regulators will mean you will get the most of your Heating & Cooling Systems.

Extend Working life of your Appliances
conserve energy for a greener home and reduced energy bills. We offer a thorough boiler service which should ideally be carried out annually; this will ensure your boiler is running at its most efficient

Save & be Safe at no extra
Free Safety Advice is seen as standard at RG&ES as our clients’ safety and satisfaction is utmost priority
During Installations tips will be given on how to preserve Energy and Fuel saving component and free advice given

Consider yourself Disabled
RG&ES treats those with disabilities at a concession price
OAPS can also benefit from this feature

Work that is Guaranteed
RG&ES installs only the latest, most efficient equipment available. Nonetheless, anything can occur or if for some reason you are unsure about an issue with regards to your installation – RG&ES will be happy to re-attend your site and discuss with you any queries you have…
In the case of a faulty product, RG&ES will be more than happy to rectify the situation wither by replacing the product or repairing it fully.

Covered as Standard
As your work is just as important as ours, RG&ES benefits from a £5 Million Pound Liability scheme whereby any value up to that amount of discrepancy (if so happens) will be can be invoked.