Regal Gas & Electrical Services is happy to announce its transition into the online space and would like to thank our clients for their continued support in allowing us to do so…

It has been a long time coming but rest assured, we are here to stay.

Watch this space regularly for forthcoming attractions, updates and comprehensive insights into the development and breakthroughs in the Energy Field.

Our Staff

It has been quite a journey taking Regal Gas & Electrical Services where they are today but surely it has been worthwhile. Every day brings a different experience and every day brings us progression as an organisation. We would be nowhere without our clients and our strong work ethic towards them.

Of course we are not perfect and will never claim to be. It’s our focus towards clientele and their varying needs that allow us to develop – and that is where Regal Gas & Electrical Services will go that extra mile.

“I have constantly strived to ensure the credibility of Regal Gas & Electrical Services as an organisation by tailoring our services purely based on consumer feedback. Clients requirements and specifications have always been the focus of Regal Gas & Electrical Services, and today I am happy to say… Nothing has changed.”